270 Climbing
We’re delighted to announce our new ‘Supervised Sessions’!
What’s this? In short, one of our instructors climbs alongside you! These sessions last 90 mins and cost £25pp and £30 for private instructor hire, they are primarily designed for three different types of high ropes adventurer –
1. For those who want some direct 1:1 assistance to use the course as an extreme physical training aid to really put them through their paces
2. For those who prefer a slightly more tolerant approach and would benefit from some dedicated attention and reassurance to help get around the course
3. For parents/carers that may be too unconfident or unable to join their younger ones up on the course and require adult accompaniment for their under 12’s.
Sessions run near the end of the day when things tend to be quieter so can be tailored around what you need so can be adapted to your abilities. We realise the costs may initially seem high, but for this you do get dedicated assistance from some of the best high ropes professionals in the business – plus if you were a parent/carer paying for yourself to join on the course then it effectively only costs £10 more than it would to do it yourself – and for this you’re getting an instructor who knows the ropes inside out (or should that be upside down!).
Book online ahead of your visit to guarantee your place, or drop in on the day if you just love the risk!
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