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frequently asked
high ropes questions


How hard is it?

It’s pretty physical and some of the elements will be challenging for some people.  The elements are designed to test you in different ways, some are more obvious and purely physical, while others are more about working the best route out mentally. Some elements do require good levels of upper body strength and mobility, but if you are generally fit and healthy and can handle a bit of a workout then chances are you can do most of the obstacles around the course. 

If you’re really nervous then you are welcome to try Level 1 to get to grips with things before making your way round the upper levels. Levels 2-4 get progressively harder (due the theights involved), and Levels 5 & 6 are even more difficult - these really do require a proper head for heights and ample upper body strength!  

It is worth noting that our routes are one-way, so once you are out on the course, unless you are right at the start, the only ways off are to complete the obstacles and route you are on, or as a last resort to be rescued. 

Do you hold birthday parties?

Unfortunately we're afraid parties aren’t something we can currently offer. We are working on a solution to be able to provide something soon but until then…

However, you can still book a group of children onto the High Ropes and/or our Tower activities for up to 15 children. If you have more than 15, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll see what we can do.

What if there’s bad weather?

We operate in all weathers – come rain or shine!  Rain and showers, snow and moderate winds are all perfectly acceptable condition for the ropes course to be safely used.   If the weather is so severe that we have to cancel a session, we will notify you at our earliest convenience and re-schedule your booking for another time.

What should I wear?

Obviously not your Sunday best - wear something light and comfortable that is appropriate for the day’s weather and that you don’t mind if it gets grubby!  If sunshine is forecast then t-shirt & shorts is fine, if it looks likely to be a wet one then probably best to bring a coat!  Either way we suggest something that covers your stomach/abdomen area to stop the harness from rubbing (no crop tops).

It is important that you wear footwear that isn’t going to fall off easily, and also covers your heel and toes – so no crocs, flip-flops or slippers!  A sturdy pair of trainers, shoes or walking boots will do just fine.

We also recommend you wear gloves – these can be purchased online ahead of your visit and collected when you arrive – or you can bring your own. 

Long hair should be tied back to prevent getting entangled in any of the equipment. Also any jewellery and body piercings that are deemed to be a entanglement risk must be removed or taped over. 

What about bags & personal belongings?

Sorry, no hand bags, bumbags, carrier bags or back packs are permitted on the course due to the fitting of the harness.   All loose items (phones, keys, wallet, coins etc) must be removed from pockets during all activities.  A limited amount of lockers are available on-site – we ask that personal belongings are kept inside these or an alternative place. 

You may take a phone around the ropes course but it must be kept inside of a phone holder/carry pouch and attached securely to your persons. We have pouches available to purchase when you book or you can bring your own – these must be inspected by one of our instructors before embarking on the course.

What is the minimum height?

That depends on which Level or activity you are doing.

All participants on Level 1 must be 1 metre tall and over. 

All adventure seekers on High Ropes Levels 2-4, and the activities from the Tower must be 1.2m tall and over.

All daredevils on High Ropes Levels 5 & 6 must be at least 1.45m tall or over.

What is the maximum weight?

The weight limit on our high ropes is 18st 9lb / 120kg.

Do adults need to join children on the course?

After the safety briefing, participants will not be directly supervised by an instructor out on the course so participants have to be able to manage our belay safety system completely independently.

Under 12 year olds must be accompanied by a participating adult.  An adult can supervise up to 2 under 12’s. For young people between 12 and 16 years an adult is required to supervise either on the course or remain on-site for the duration of the session.

On Level 1 children must be accompanied by a supervising adult, however they do not have to physically be on the ropes course, you can walk besides on the ground.

What about amendments, refunds or cancellations?

For full details on our policy see our Terms & Conditions, but in brief… 

  • More than 14 days before your session – you can move at no cost or cancel a booking and receive a full refund.
  • Between 14 days and 48 hours before your session – you can move your booking (at cost), but 50% of the booking price will remain due and will not be refunded. 
  • Within 48 hours before your session – sorry you won’t be entitled to a refund for any amendment or cancellation to your booking.
Can I get additional support?

If you need extra assistance in participating around the course please get in Contact with us prior to booking to discuss your requirements.

What happens if I get stuck or want to stop?

Our team are well trained if such an occasion arises and will try to encourage you through any tricky elements.  We understand heights aren’t for everyone though, so if you do get stuck or decide that you really can’t carry on then one of our team will take action appropriately.  If you are nervous about the experience, we suggest trying Level 1 first, or booking Levels 2-4 at a quieter time when there are less people around.