270 Climbing


Get together and share some of the most exciting, inspiring and memorable high-wire experiences in the country!  


Whatever the occasion, make it a day to remember!

adventure is better together.

From school and youth groups, to stag and hen do’s to corporate bookings and even exclusive venue hire, our High Ropes and Activity Tower offer a challenging adventurous activity for groups, teams, classes, crew, troop, clans or clubs of all sizes! 

Inspiring adventure for adults and young people aged 6 years & over and at least 1.2m tall. For details on supervision ratio’s please see below. 

As part of our Group offer you get an extra 30mins than standard plus a Leap of Faith jump included and will receive a group booking discount.


If your group is up to 15 people, then you can book through our online booking system.

Simply pick your date and time and enjoy all the fun and challenging obstacles of Levels 2-4 on our High Ropes and may be add some aerial adventure on our Activity Tower. Please note these will be part of public sessions so there may be other people on the course at the same time.


If your group is larger than 15 people, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to create an exciting high ropes session that works best for you and your group.

These sessions can be public or completely private so you won’t share the course with anyone other than your group. We’ll work with you to design a tailored ropes course session that suits your requirements, so the logistics of the day and the challenges can be fitted around what you need – whether the focus be on team building, unlocking potential or achieving personal goals, or if the priority is just some good old-fashioned excitement and enjoyment!

Whatever the size of your group, participants will encounter fun, safe, challenging adventure that creates rewarding, memorable and motivating experiences. We provide all the equipment needed and teach your group all they need to know under the careful, professional supervision of our fully trained instructors.

Whatever the occasion, there’s a truly memorable experience for everyone make it a day to remember at 270! 


One adult over the age of 18 must participate alongside those under the age of 12. Each adult can supervise a maximum of two under 12’s. For young people between the ages of 12 and 16 one adult is required to remain on-site for the duration of the session.