270 Climbing

ahead of your visit

We’re really looking forward to welcoming you to the park!

If visiting us for the very first time, or if your a ropes course regular, ahead of your session there are some key things to remind you that are really useful to know and should help your experience go smoother!



Ahead of your visit you may find it really useful to watch our Safety Briefing Video. This will help you get a feel for what’s involved and understand some of the key do’s & don’ts. You can watch our Safety Briefing video below. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about anything covered or forget something as you’ll watch it again as part of the briefing before we let you out on the ropes!

We hope you’re excited and looking forward to visiting us, however if you have any queries or issues in the meantime, please take a look below or do get in contact.

You can also look through our FAQs for loads of helpful information at any time, but here’s a quick reminder of the most useful things that you need to know!

the weather

Perhaps the one question we get asked the most is about when its wet or windy ! Unless it’s REALLY bad (very strong winds or icy), please assume that your session is going ahead as planned. We can safely operate the ropes in most weathers (including heavy rain) – so a bit of the wet stuff won’t stop you having a great time! If conditions are so poor that we have to cancel your session we’ll let you know ASAP.


Try to arrive at least 10 minutes before the advertised start of your session – especially if you haven’t visited before. This should give you enough time to get your bearings – and hopefully sort out some of the following important elements!


These can be found in the main building – through the doors and Ladies and Gents are on the left and a Disable WC is on the right. To save on time we strongly suggest trying for the toilet before you make your way down to the cabin for the safety briefing and start of your session. It’s also much trickier to go to the toilet with a harness on!


Again, to help save on time, it’s worth quickly sorting out your hair before you attend the safety briefing. If you are lucky enough to have long hair please tie it back – however, remember you will need to wear a helmet so best to not make any ponytails too high.


You can’t take any bags or backpacks onto the course so please leave them at home, in your car or if you have someone watching from the ground. The same goes for any loose jewellery or items of value. Even bright shiny things dropped onto the ground from up on the course can be surprisingly difficult to find afterwards.
Also, empty your pockets of belongings like phones, keys, coins etc. As well as potentially being uncomfortable, there is the risk of them becoming damaged or falling out and landing on someone below. You can take your phone with you around the course but it will need to be held within a protective pouch/holder on a lanyard – you’re welcome to either bring your own or you can purchase one for a small cost from the cabin before you set out.


The rubber pads on the ones we sell can help with gripping obstacles (and they’ll keep your hands warmer!) but they’re by no means essential – some people prefer them, while others do not. If you haven’t pre-ordered any and would like a pair you can easily purchase some from the cabin before you embark out on to the ropes.


Over 12 year olds can go on the ropes by themselves but younger than this will require adult supervision to be allowed out on the course. Our Instructor’s will be on hand at all times to help if needed, but they will not be on the ropes alongside you (unless you have booked a Supervised Session!). Remember the course is self-guided so following the safety briefing, participants are expected to be able to navigate the course independently.


On the course people go at different speeds and different people find different parts easier or more challenging. You are unable to pass by someone ahead of you so queues and bottlenecks are sometimes unavoidable. There are a few things you can do to help though – try to encourage someone or offer solutions if they are struggling with a particular obstacle or element. Or, if a lot of people have set out on a route ahead of you, to avoid a potential logjam it might be better to go and try another (less busy) route first and come back later.


In addition to the points above (especially the bits on toilets, hair and belongings) there also some other pointers that will help things go smoother on the day!

We know it can be like herding cats but try to keep all the children that will be participating together ahead of your start time – again this should help with keeping things on track and ensure everyone is ready for the safety briefing – and we can also answer any queries you may have. Our instructors and your party host will be available to supervise the children throughout proceedings, however, remember parents/adults are still required to monitor children during the activities – less confident children really benefit from some grown-up support and smaller ones sometimes need a bit of physical help at times with the Expo glider system.

and finally…

Please bear in mind, some parts of the site are still under development ready for the next phase of the project (bouldering and climbing!). While this won’t affect your time on the ropes course, we know some areas of the park don’t look the prettiest at the moment so we just want to make you aware. All being well it won’t be too long until these areas are filled with lot’s more exciting adventurous and aerial activities!

That’s about it! Like we say please take a look through our FAQ’s if there’s anything else not covered here. Hopefully these points will have addressed any queries you may have, but if you have any further questions or concerns at any stage of your visit, please just ask any member of the 270 Team – we’re here to help!

Hope to see you soon!